Culture Day Tour

1. The culture tour is limited to 40 seats.
2. The limited seats depend on registration sequence.
3. You must register for the conference before requesting a day tour seat.

Time Schedule

Tour Plan

October 7, 2016 (Friday)

Pick up from The Sherwood Taipei → Museum of Gold Jiufen → Jiufen Old Street → Shihfen Old Street → Shihfen Waterfall → Taipei


Pick up from The Sherwood Taipei Hotel


Museum of Gold Jiufen

Located in the Gold ecological Park, New Taipei City (Taipei County)'s Jinguashi, Jiufen, the Museum of Gold was opened during year 2004 as one of Taiwan’s first museum planned as an eco-museum. The aim is to combine community power and preserve the precious natural resources, mining relics, landscape, historical memories and cultural property of Jinguashi.

The 1st floor displays the journey of discovering gold, Benshan Tunnels, old mining equipments, mining transport systems and a brief introduction to the WWII Japanese Allied prisoners’ camp. The 2nd floor uses gold and the main theme displaying gold characteristics, art works made of gold, and a world record, 220kg, 999 pure gold giant for visitors to see and feel.


Heading to Jiufen Old Street

Located in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Chiufen village used to be the center of gold mining. This small village is located within hills, next to the mountains, and facing the ocean. Due to its special location, Chiufen village is well known for its foggy weather condition which creates a romantic atmosphere. In addition, Chinese teahouses in this area are also very popular for both local and foreign tourists. Chiufen have beautiful sceneries so many tourist came to drink tea during night to appreciate the night view.


Having lunch (A-Mei Restaurant)


Heading to Pingxi


Releasing Sky Lantern at Shihfen Old Street


to 15 :20

Heading to Shihfen Waterfall by foot


to 16 : 00

Shihfen Waterfall

Situated in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Shihfen Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Taiwan. The Shihfen Waterfall is 20 meters high and 40 meters wide; it has been described as a place where angels dwell. Due to the unique rock positions and incredible water speed, Shihfen Waterfall is truly an amazing site. Visitors are able to see rainbow at Shihfen Waterfall if the weather permits. Nearby sites include camping areas, barbecue pits, villas, fishing areas, a recreational area, sightseeing area, a suspension bridge, swimming pool, 120 stone sculpture area, etc. With amazing sceneries, Shihfen Waterfall is a fabulous waterfall that is recommended for your Taipei travel.


Return to Taipei (Dessert box will be provided)